Our Message | Water For Flathead's Future
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Our Message

Let’s Look Before We Leap!

Clean water and healthy rivers are precious commodities that belong to all of us. Clean water supports our way of life and our economy, as well as the natural beauty of the Flathead Valley. 

Blindly opening the Flathead Valley’s aquifers to unprecedented, industrial-scale water-bottling plants sets a dangerous precedent that will have very real impacts on the Flathead’s residents. Approval of the Creston water-bottling factory would trigger a landslide of similar proposals to ship our water out-of-state.

Water is life itself. We have a responsibility to manage our groundwater resources carefully, for today and future generations. The Creston proposal carries too many risks and too many unanswered questions for irrigators, neighboring homeowners, and the Flathead River and Flathead Lake.  It’s simply unfair for the developer to take in all the benefits, while the rest of us carry the risks and costs.

Let’s look before we leapNow is the time to put a moratorium on industrial-scale water bottling plants in the upper Flathead Basin, until we can guarantee we can use this resource without degrading the quality of life, property rights and natural resources around the Valley.  


Stand your ground and let your voice be heard.