February 16 2020...another Day in Court: Join Us - Water For Flathead's Future
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February 16 2020…another Day in Court: Join Us

February 16 2020…another Day in Court: Join Us

Join Us..

Protection of Flathead’s Water is having another Day in Court:


See link to the hearing below…

On February 16, we will have another day in court regarding the failure of our state agencies to adequately evaluate the impacts of Montana Artesian Water Company (MAWC) on our wells, rivers, lakes, farms, roads, fish and wildlife.

This Tuesday, February 16, at 10:00 there will be Zoom access to the Flathead District Court hearing before Judge Eddy to hear oral arguments in our case: Water For Flathead’s Future vs. Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Montana Department of Natural Resources (DNRC).

Water for Flathead’s Future brought this lawsuit against DEQ and DNRC for failing to adequately evaluate the impacts of MAWC’s planned massive water bottling facility.

This case against DEQ and DNRC is in addition to the ongoing litigation against the DNRC water permit, which has been returned to the Helena District Court for further evaluation.

The Zoom access Meeting ID and Password for Judge Eddy’s public hearings is posted on Flathead District Court’s website:

Flathead Court Zoom Hearings

Thank you for supporting our efforts to protect our water for Flathead’s future!