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Rest Your Head

Rest Your Head

After a long time on the run pursuing the County Commissioners via the lawsuit, working so hard to get the ballot initiative to extend the Egan Slough Zoning District on the June 5th election, developing a world-class legal case against the DNRC and presenting it in front of the kangaroo court convened by the DNRC and one of their lackeys, the citizens of Flathead County have finally scored a truly significant victory in Judge Allison’s well-reasoned and substantiated ruling telling the Flathead County commissioners to follow the law and do their job in a reasonable manner.  And so I just wanted to allow everyone a chance to rest their head for a few moments and drink in some of the press coverage that has occurred as a result of this ruling…

The Daily Interlake‘s take on the Judge’s ruling:

The Flathead Beacon reports:

KPAX presents the story in both print and video:

MT Public Radio gives a good report at:

And, finally — out of the area we hear from the Missoulian