Hope to see lots of you at Sykes tomorrow night at 6 pm! - Water For Flathead's Future
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Hope to see lots of you at Sykes tomorrow night at 6 pm!

Hope to see lots of you at Sykes tomorrow night at 6 pm!

Welcome to Water for Flathead’s Future

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for adding your name to the growing list of people concerned about the impact of unprecedented industrial water bottling in our beloved Flathead County, Montana. Our group is just a month old now and the initial leadership has been hard at work creating a website and developing a strategy to succeed in convincing our elected officials that they should “Look before they Leap” before giving away, for export, our precious water resources.  This first bottling plant application in Flathead County should be seen as the avalanche warning it is — making Flathead County the next target of big water bottling interests.

We are calling our first membership meeting for Tuesday May 10, from 6 – 8 PM at Sykes (basement) in downtown Kalispell. The purpose of this charter meeting is to bring you up to date on our efforts thus far, to share our initial plans and most important — to hear from you and seek your active involvement. Thus far, the work has fallen on just a few people but to succeed we will need many more people and more money. Our opponents have a big head start and deep pockets.  In order to have influence we need greater numbers of people and dollars to fight back. The contributions are essential to help us spread the word (website), continue the legal process (lawyers and consultants) and educate the public (PR materials).

So, here’s our first ask of you:

  1. Spread the word about our meeting and encourage people from throughout the Flathead Valley to attend (Tuesday, May 10, 6 – 8 PM at Sykes)
  2. Even if your friends can’t attend the meeting encourage them to sign up on our website – waterforflatheadsfuture.org – numbers matter.  This is an election year and our elected officials must be convinced it is in their interests to be on the right side of this issue.
  3. Donate now – The best way to donate is to send checks (made out to WFF) to WFF, PO Box 10518, Kalispell, MT 59904.  All of the money will be used to fight this battle. Please note that although we are nonprofit, we do not have charitable status from the IRS so your donation will not be deductible as charitable.  Donations can also be made through the website using PayPal.  This is a convenience, but a percentage of your donation will be a fee paid to PayPal.
  4. Let us know how you would like to become involved in this effort – we need spokespeople, educators, PR folks, social media specialists, workers of all sorts.
  5. Email us (quotes@waterforflatheadsfuture.org) a one to two line quote that we might incorporate into the website about why you oppose bottling, for export, our precious Flathead County water resources.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you on May 10th.

Sandy Perry
Water for Flathead’s Future