More sites for additional information on bottled water - Water For Flathead's Future
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More sites for additional information on bottled water

Thanks to Vance C. for providing us with some great information. It behooves us all to learn as much of the facts surrounding what is facing the Flathead Valley.

Food and Water Watch

Here is a link some information to a community facing a similar situation as the Flathead’s. This community, in Oregon, is attempting to keep Nestle out of their water, just as we are attempting to prevent Montana Artesian Water Company from removing the Flathead’s water from the local community.

From Vance: As you may know already, there are numerous environmental issues here along with the water pumping issues. These include air pollution, water pollution, and possibly noise pollution as well.

Here on the Cascade Locks Oregon web there is a pro video (by Nestle) and there is a con video (by a citizens group). We will see many of these arguments again and again.

The battle over the Columbia River Gorge water

And more information about the same.

Cascade Locks, Keep Nestle out