Water for Flathead's Future | Flathead Valley, Montana
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Sign the petition!


The group,

Yes! For Flathead Farms and Water…

Is collecting signatures on a petition to place initiative 17-01 on the ballot this fall.

If successful, Flathead County voters will have the opportunity to vote on Resolution 1594C to add property to the Egan Slough Zoning District to preserve the agricultural character of the area and limit incompatible uses.


If this resolution passes, industrial facilities, such as water bottling factories, would not be permitted within the expanded district.


It would also preserve prime Creston farmland and the scenic setting along the Flathead River.


Volunteers are needed to collect signatures on election day.


Please contact Amy Waller at amywmontana@gmail.com if you can help.



Read the latest WFFF updates at this link…

Water Bottling Opposition Goes Forward



SB 215 Voted down! More on that later… In the mean time,
watch Tapped…

Per a Montana DNRC report,  Montana Artesian Water Co. will affect over 2000 wells within a 6.8 mile radius! View map of impacted wells here > 

Who We Are

 Flathead Valley concerned citizens

Our Message

Let’s look before we leap!

Help Us Now

Volunteer for events or donate online

Water for Flathead’s Future is a grass roots organization that advocates sustainable use of our surface and underground water resources to assure that the needs of the people, fish and wildlife of the Flathead Valley of Montana can be met now and for generations to come.

Halt the Creston, Montana Water Bottling Plant!