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Save the Dates Now Feb 16th & 17th!

Peter Mayer Benefit Concert for Water for Flathead’s Future


Peter Mayer will be performing in Kalispell on Saturday, February 17th in a benefit fundraiser to assist Water for Flathead’s Future mount it’s ongoing case against the water bottling plant outside of Creston, MT.  For details, visit the information page Here.



DNRC Rules in its own favor 1/26/2018


Today, Water for Flathead’s Future was notified that the Montana DNRC has upheld its own previous decision to grant the water permit for the annual extraction of 710 acre-feet of water from the shallow, intermediate, and deep aquifers of the Flathead Valley.  Expert witness testimony was clearly presented before the DNRC’s hearing examiner outlining the connection between the water extraction proposal and the degradation and depletion of surface water bodies in the Flathead Valley.  Wells will be affected; creeks and wetlands will be disrupted; wildlife habitat will be further diminished.  Water security of the residents of the Flathead Valley has been given up for the profit-seeking of one landowner.


The resulting message, courtesy of the DNRC, has now been sent to all potential water extractors across the land that the Flathead Valley is open for business if they want to drill their wells and expropriate the water resources that we, as a community, rely on for our tourist economy, our farmland irrigation, and the foundation necessary to carry forward sustainable community growth.  Combined with the county’s unwillingness to respond to the pleas of the community to preserve its right to clean and adequate water, it is clear that Flathead County is almost totally unprotected against the predatory practices of the water bottling industry.


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Dates and Information of Note

Read our late January 2018 update Here


 Read our late December 2017 update Here

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Future Music Benefit for WFF
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See the new KPAX Hearing Video

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Hydrological models scrutinized in bottling-plant hearing

Click Here for Daily Interlake Article


Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For

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 The Montana Artesian Water Company’s plan to bottle Creston’s groundwater drew fresh scrutiny Tuesday morning.


See Sept 19th Daily Interlake Article


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MT Artesian permit hearing opens Sept. 19th

Read the DNRC release HERE


Read our Sept 15th “The Good Fight Goes On” update Here



DEQ approves water bottling discharge permit

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Read DEQ’s response to comments

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We have 60 days to object to this permit which is a continued failure of the DEQ to protect us.


The DEQ permit means nothing if the people win before the DNRC.


The DNRC hearing is on September 19 at FVCC.

So don’t think this is a done deal…


Because it’s not!



Let’s continue to come together as a community to support to fight against this water theft!





Tuesday September 5th 2017, concerned citizens filled the county Commissioner’s chambers during the public comment period to let our voices be heard.  We were asking them once again to do the right thing and approve the Egan Slough Zoning district.


Once again our Commisioners refused to respond to their constituents.

The public comment narrative is located at this Audio Link.




Water for Flathead’s Future is a separate organization but we believe that this is a very worthy cause in support of maintaining a healthy and sustainable use of water in the Flathead Valley.
The following is a message from YES! for Flathead’s Farms and Water:

A Call to Action!

FLATHEAD COUNTY,  Let your County Commissioners hear your voice during their public comment period. 



Ask them to do the job they were elected for, and stand up for our constitutional rights to protect life and property, and stop supporting the the bottling plant that threatens the farm and water resources we all value in this beautiful valley.


WHERE: Flathead County Commissioners (Office 800 S. Main St)


WHEN: (Tues) Sept. 5th 


TIME: 8:30am  



*Our Flathead Country Commissioners still have until Sept. 8th to approve the Initiative and expand the Egan Slough Zoning District without having to put it on the June 5th ballot. The majority of Flathead county voters elected these Commissioners to office and the majority of Flathead County voters want them to expand the zone. 

This move by Commissioners would show that they are listening to the people they work for and hearing our message: We want them to expand the zone, now!



The Montana Artesian Water Company’s permit asks for an amount that would make it one of the largest water bottling plants in the U.S.


By Joe Brenneman //


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Large Permit for ‘Small Operation’

Opposition to Water Bottling Factory Goes Forward

See latest WFFF developments at link below… 

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Flathead Voters will Decide Whether to Expand Special Zoning District that
Would Limit or Preclude Proposed Business Venture


According to the July 1, 2017, Flathead Beacon, a ballot initiative will move forward after the group Yes! For Farms and Water collected enough signatures to qualify its zoning proposal as a countywide ballot initiative, garnering support from more than 15 percent of Flathead County’s registered voters.

The Flathead Beacon, further states that the group launched its petition on March 29 in response to permits sought by Lew Weaver, the Creston man interested in turning his farmland into the Montana Artesian Water Company.

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Great New Article, look under News or click below…

Where Nestlé Guzzles Water, Michigan Neighbors Take Exception


This is an interesting article about a Nestlé bottled water factory in Stanwood, Michigan that produces up to 1,200 bottles a minute. The factory is served by seven nearby wells drawing up to 250 gallons of spring water a minute.


Keep in mind, as you are reading this article, that on page 25 of the DNRC permit application “The Montana Artesian Water Company” intends to bottle 450 gallons per minute which is almost twice as much as the Michigan plant. Click Here for Article


Sign the petition!


The group,

Yes! For Flathead Farms and Water

Is collecting signatures on a petition to place initiative 17-01 on the ballot this fall.


If successful, Flathead County voters will have the opportunity to vote on Resolution 1594C to add property to the Egan Slough Zoning District to preserve the agricultural character of the area and limit incompatible uses.

If this resolution passes, industrial facilities, such as water bottling factories, would not be permitted within the expanded district.

It would also preserve prime Creston farmland and the scenic setting along the Flathead River.


Volunteers are needed to collect signatures on election day and until the 27th of June.


Please contact Amy Waller at amywmontana@gmail.com if you can help.


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Every little bit helps! Please donate what you can! Help us keep up the fight!



Read the latest WFFF updates at this link…

Water Bottling Opposition Goes Forward


Per a Montana DNRC report,  Montana Artesian Water Co. will affect over 2000 wells within a 6.8 mile radius! View map of impacted wells here > 

Who We Are

 Flathead Valley concerned citizens

Our Message

Let’s look before we leap!

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Water for Flathead’s Future is a grass roots organization that advocates sustainable use of our surface and underground water resources to assure that the needs of the people, fish and wildlife of the Flathead Valley of Montana can be met now and for generations to come.

Halt the Creston, Montana Water Bottling Plant!